Thursday, November 10, 2011

Changing plans

Yesterday as I was blogging I found a better place to go to than over at Holden's place. Yes, I am always welcome over there and I greatly appreciate it, I really do but I know that it's not the best place for me to linger around. It's just a temporary place to visit. Last night as I was blogging a new friend of mine, Ali, is okay if I come over anytime unannounced or announced to hang out over there. This is great because usually anytime I go over to visit someone it is almost always unannounced. Next semester David will be back as well as Dallin, Darren, Keagan, and some of my other really good friends. The problem is that Caimon will be coming back. I will have all these other people but still if we are put in the same room things will turn ugly fast. I can almost guarantee that next semester I won't hear from Holden again. I'm not sure that I like the idea but I've already come to accept the fact that he isn't a part of my life anymore. I really do wish that we never dated a year ago so we could be friends but hey that's life. Lately I've been talking to Ethan. He's a sweet guy. Sometimes it's really hard talking to him though but he's sweet nevertheless. I'm glad and worried about the fact that he is sweet. Even through all this recent complications in life, life is still going good. I am really enjoying my classes (more than I should that even possible?). Every Friday I look forward to doing something fun. I know that my past does not define me but rather somewhere that has helped me get to the place I am today. I'm very glad that I have made so many good choices to help me get here today. I anticipate the chances I will have in the future to fulfill my dreams. I can't wait for that day I can become a physical therapist, travel the world, and become the person I want to become. :D Until then I continue to find my way, feeling sunlight. ;)

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