Saturday, February 26, 2011

Learning to love like Christ

There have been so many complications lately. This semester I have come across many people who have been so hard to get along with. I started to wonder why I was doing all these things for them when they wouldn't do the same for me. I wondered why I was taking time out of my life to help them. All they ever did was complain about things that weren't going their way. Honestly I wanted to stop doing kind things for them and I think that I did for a little bit. To be honest I don't exactly remember how but somehow I decided to serve them anyways. I started to feel clean; I started to feel like I was doing something right. It felt right. It helped create peace a little. It helped me to become a little more like my Savior. I am growing to love them as Christ does by serving them. Serving people like that is always difficult at first but it gets easier over time. When I lose myself in the service of others I always find myself no matter what trial is thrown at me. This I know to be true.
One of my roommates told a story about a religion class she took. The class was asked to draw a picture of the person they most hated. After everyone was done the teacher took the pictures and put them on a dart board. He then told the class to throw the darts at the photos. They did. He asked them if they felt better and the class responded that they had. The teacher removed the photos and the dart board. Behind those pictures was a picture of Christ. The darts also had hit Christ leaving the same holes that were on the photos. The teacher then taught this scripture, "if ye have done it to the least of My brethren ye have also done it unto Me." Christ cares just as much as the people we don't care for as He does for us. If Christ who was perfect cared about those people who we don't really care for or get along with then shouldn't we care for them?
I know that Heavenly Father loves and cares for each of His children. I also know that we should do the same for His children regardless of who they are.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simple words

This semester I have had a hard time with my roommates. One of them is a lot like me which is probably why we are having a hard time getting along. I started spending more time with my old roommate at her new place. This weekend two of my roommates left town to go home. Things are quieter than usual ( I began talking to one of my roommates. We were talking and we talked about some of the things that have been happening here in the apartment. I won't mention anything because I really do believe that whatever happens in the apartment should stay in the apartment. I also believe that if a story could help someone it should be told.
I started talking to her. Somehow the things that I have said have made an impact on her. She mentioned that some of the things I have said sounded profound. I was able to teach her about how to care about people that are difficult to do so. I loved one of the comments she made. She told me that I seem like the person that would not understand but actually does. I don't know how many of the things that I said will help the situations out but I hope something I said will.
I know the gospel has power. I know that once we let the gospel really become a part of us we have the capacity to move mountains just by the sound of our voice. I firmly believe that testimonies were born to be heard. Sometimes it's not always clear what will mean something to someone. I do know this; silence is not always golden.

Friday, February 18, 2011

So I discovered

I became interested in quotes by Joseph Smith. I remember one quote by him when he was on his way to Carthage Jail he spoke to those who were traveling with him. He said "you be careful of which music you listen to because not all music is of God." He also mentioned that hard rock was not of God. Why would a loving God want us to listen to angry music or music that screams at us? Doesn't the Spirit whisper things to us rather than yell? Why then with this in mind would music that raised its tone in malice be uplifting or comforting? What is so comforting about something that drives the Spirit away? If that's the case then doesn't it seem logical that certain kinds of music drives the Spirit away? Just something to think about...
Anyways, as I was searching for this quote and I could not find it. I decided to search for quotes by Joseph Smith under the topic of forgiveness. I chose this topic because I figured that I needed to hear something about forgiveness. I discovered one quote that had a lot of power and meant a lot to me. "One of the most pleasing scenes that can occur on earth, when a sin has been committed by one person against another, is, to forgive that sin; and then according to the sublime and perfect pattern of the Savior, pray to our Father in heaven to forgive him also." I never thought of praying to the Father that He will forgive someone. I believe that there is power in prayer.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The clean feeling

I'm recently getting over the flu. It feels so great to relieve myself from such a sickness! I'm currently in the process of sanitizing, washing, and cleaning whatever I have used while being sick. As I was doing my second load I started thinking how great it started to feel to become clean. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that all the germs and bacteria that once infected my body can go away. It's a wonderful feeling to feel clean again.
This sparked my thinking. It also feels wonderful when we can free ourselves from our sins and become clean in His name. What a great feeling it is to free ourselves from bondage! It really does feel great to feel clean again. The Spirit becomes present in my life, so I've noticed, when I've created a clean atmosphere. Things are less chaotic and much more at peace. This I testify to be true.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Being Blessed

Wednesday I went to the doctor. I was lucky to get in to get an appointment because they were really full that day. After testing me they discovered that I had the flu. I wasn't really upset by the fact that I had the flu because I thought about some of the positive things it gave me. Since I'm not allowed to go to any of my classes so that I won't spread the virus around I was given the chance to catch up in my classes because I had time to do more things. I also had more time to rest which my body needed.
Tuesday I received a priesthood blessing because that's when I started feeling sick. That's not the first time I've received a blessing to heal one of my sicknesses but I don't have any memory of receiving any before tuesday. After I received the blessing the words "you will be healed in My name" kept coming up. I'm still sick with the flu but I know that when the time comes He will honor that blessing and heal me.