Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simple words

This semester I have had a hard time with my roommates. One of them is a lot like me which is probably why we are having a hard time getting along. I started spending more time with my old roommate at her new place. This weekend two of my roommates left town to go home. Things are quieter than usual ( I began talking to one of my roommates. We were talking and we talked about some of the things that have been happening here in the apartment. I won't mention anything because I really do believe that whatever happens in the apartment should stay in the apartment. I also believe that if a story could help someone it should be told.
I started talking to her. Somehow the things that I have said have made an impact on her. She mentioned that some of the things I have said sounded profound. I was able to teach her about how to care about people that are difficult to do so. I loved one of the comments she made. She told me that I seem like the person that would not understand but actually does. I don't know how many of the things that I said will help the situations out but I hope something I said will.
I know the gospel has power. I know that once we let the gospel really become a part of us we have the capacity to move mountains just by the sound of our voice. I firmly believe that testimonies were born to be heard. Sometimes it's not always clear what will mean something to someone. I do know this; silence is not always golden.

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