Friday, February 4, 2011

Being Blessed

Wednesday I went to the doctor. I was lucky to get in to get an appointment because they were really full that day. After testing me they discovered that I had the flu. I wasn't really upset by the fact that I had the flu because I thought about some of the positive things it gave me. Since I'm not allowed to go to any of my classes so that I won't spread the virus around I was given the chance to catch up in my classes because I had time to do more things. I also had more time to rest which my body needed.
Tuesday I received a priesthood blessing because that's when I started feeling sick. That's not the first time I've received a blessing to heal one of my sicknesses but I don't have any memory of receiving any before tuesday. After I received the blessing the words "you will be healed in My name" kept coming up. I'm still sick with the flu but I know that when the time comes He will honor that blessing and heal me.

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