Thursday, December 17, 2015

The One Looking Back At You

So I have a few thoughts for this blog today. "Sometimes friends begin as enemies and enemies begin as friends." That couldn't be more true with the many roommates I've had. Of course that isn't always true, many times friends will remain friends. This semester I moved into my new apartment. At first my roommates seemed wonderful but by and by they showed their true colors. Things turned intense in the apartment a few months later and eventually I found myself having horrible thoughts about myself. The one person I pushed away became the one person I needed to get through all of this. I learned a lot by allowing the right people back in my life. More importantly I learned a lot by loving the person that I am and the person I am trying to be. Truth is it doesn't matter who stays in your life and who goes as long as you love who you are. Your greatest asset in life should always be the person you find in the mirror. Life is incredibly short and not a minute of it should be wasted hating the person looking back at you. Find the right people in your life and be willing to let someone go who won't be there for you. Most importantly find the one looking back at you, the one you have to face in the mirror. I'm talking about you, find yourself.