Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A tribute to A&B

I have lived at A&B apartment my entire college experience. It no longer exists! In memory and honor here are some of my memories. I don't have too many but I do have some. I say this because I was rarely at my apartment. -Nacho libre nights with chips and salsa at the end of every semester -Dance parties at the end of every semester with just the girls at the apartment -The quote wall where I always seemed to have the most quotes (I remember getting a text from a guy who walked me home...that was not the highlight of my life!) -Buddy the dog. He always seemed to bit guys (I remember he bit one of my dates). -The time my roommates did the Waka Waka in the kitchen. -Merritt's obsession with veins! -Getting so many roommates who could speak SPANISH! -The conversations about boys...holy cow! -Watching random videos on the internet. -The kissing arch (I will admit, I've only used it once ha ha) -The kitchen always being a mess! -Ninja Becky...we hardly saw her. -Coming back right at curfew practically every night :D -My butt dances and yes they were EPIC! Every time I opened the fridge I would dance. -NO CLEAN CHECKS! That's right, the owner actually trusted us to clean our apartment. -That time we all received nicknames...I can't remember mine sorry. -How the fire alarm always went off when we cooked...the alarm was near the stove. Smart right? -Coming and going to lots of dances. I broke many hearts every time I left my apartment. I always left saying "well, it's time to break some hearts." -My cooking...ha ha ha another epic thing. Spaghetti salsa oh yum! -Michele...ah, words don't describe Michele she's just really out there. -Evening prayers -Everybody going to bed early while I stayed up til like 2 or 3 AM -Getting one of my roommate's to lick her mashed potatoes as well as capturing a photo of her piling on the pizza at the Pizza Pie Cafe (I can't remember the original name) -Going through break ups...guys when it's over just know you have been replaced with ice cream :D -Eating an entire container of ice cream in less than 24 hours...oh yeah, I did it -Taking showers in the smallest shower ever invented! -Labeling the bathroom as the chamber of secrets ha ha ha ha

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moving away

There comes a point in everyone's life when a person has to grow up and leave home. Sometimes this also means turning down money and receiving little help from family. That's what I'm going to do soon. It's hard and I already feel the pressure and it hasn't even happened yet. I realize that I can't become who I need to become if I'm tied down to my parents. I have also realized some other things which I do not feel obligated to include in this post. I have to start letting go and living like an adult. I'm scared and worried about how this is going to turn out but I know it'll be for the best. I will have to rely on the Lord a lot and I'll have to turn to my real friends a lot for emotional support but even if I wasn't going through this I would have to do that anyways. And it's not so much that I have to but that I want to. I understand that I might have to sell some valuable things of mine to accomplish this but any sacrifice I have to make I'm willing to make them. Somethings are more important than having something of worldly value. Life has taught me that.