Monday, April 8, 2013

Through finals week remember...

Walt Disney once said, "Keep moving forward."  There are times that you may want to just give up and not worry about things anymore.  The problem with this sort of thinking is sacrificing passion.  It can be good to be passionate about things in fact when one isn't passionate there almost seems to be less of that person.  For example, when a musician is playing a song do you want want to listen to someone who is just playing the music or someone who is passionate about their music?  It's so interesting how sometimes we'd rather hear about passion than have passion in our lives.  How many people who are reading this go into their classes or their job just to get through the day?  How many of you guys really enjoy that?  What if you went into school or your work place with the mindset that you were going to take as much knowledge or help as many people as you possibly can?  Don't you think that that would make the difference?  Wouldn't you feel more alive if you did that?
Sometimes we have more motivation to be passionate.  Growing up my life forced me to want things more than most people I came across.  In elementary school a kid hit me in the head with a sharp rock because I wouldn't give up my seat.  In middle school the same group of girls picked on me for whatever reason they could find.  In high school some guy thought it was funny to throw ice at my back.  I can even give you stories about guys who were creeps and jerks to the point where my safety became at risk.  I've been told I was worthless by guys and girls for many years.  There were many days when I had to tell myself to just make it through one more day.  Through all of this I developed deep love and respect for others.  Yes, I'll admit I wasn't perfect at it.  Anyways, I worked really hard to create a life for myself where I wouldn't have to be around this anymore.  I could have just believed what others thought of me but I didn't.  At times I did break down and wasn't that fun to be around but I always picked myself up because I knew there was a better life out there, I just had to find it.  Years later I now attend a wonderful university, interned with Disney, and anticipate graduating in a few years.  
My point is to never give up.  Become passionate about making your life great!  Life will knock you down at times but you are only as down as you allow yourself to be.  There are great things waiting for you but you have to let them come and by doubting or having a pity party they can't.  Trust me, I know, I've been there.  I still hear people telling me I can't do this or I'll never amount up to that.  It's hard but I know that by working hard I can make something positive out of something negative.  Keep trying, keep improving, keep becoming better no matter who does or doesn't believe in you, no matter what happens to you.  Never give up.  "Keep moving forward."