Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A tribute to A&B

I have lived at A&B apartment my entire college experience. It no longer exists! In memory and honor here are some of my memories. I don't have too many but I do have some. I say this because I was rarely at my apartment. -Nacho libre nights with chips and salsa at the end of every semester -Dance parties at the end of every semester with just the girls at the apartment -The quote wall where I always seemed to have the most quotes (I remember getting a text from a guy who walked me home...that was not the highlight of my life!) -Buddy the dog. He always seemed to bit guys (I remember he bit one of my dates). -The time my roommates did the Waka Waka in the kitchen. -Merritt's obsession with veins! -Getting so many roommates who could speak SPANISH! -The conversations about boys...holy cow! -Watching random videos on the internet. -The kissing arch (I will admit, I've only used it once ha ha) -The kitchen always being a mess! -Ninja Becky...we hardly saw her. -Coming back right at curfew practically every night :D -My butt dances and yes they were EPIC! Every time I opened the fridge I would dance. -NO CLEAN CHECKS! That's right, the owner actually trusted us to clean our apartment. -That time we all received nicknames...I can't remember mine sorry. -How the fire alarm always went off when we cooked...the alarm was near the stove. Smart right? -Coming and going to lots of dances. I broke many hearts every time I left my apartment. I always left saying "well, it's time to break some hearts." -My cooking...ha ha ha another epic thing. Spaghetti salsa oh yum! -Michele...ah, words don't describe Michele she's just really out there. -Evening prayers -Everybody going to bed early while I stayed up til like 2 or 3 AM -Getting one of my roommate's to lick her mashed potatoes as well as capturing a photo of her piling on the pizza at the Pizza Pie Cafe (I can't remember the original name) -Going through break ups...guys when it's over just know you have been replaced with ice cream :D -Eating an entire container of ice cream in less than 24 hours...oh yeah, I did it -Taking showers in the smallest shower ever invented! -Labeling the bathroom as the chamber of secrets ha ha ha ha

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