Saturday, February 5, 2011

The clean feeling

I'm recently getting over the flu. It feels so great to relieve myself from such a sickness! I'm currently in the process of sanitizing, washing, and cleaning whatever I have used while being sick. As I was doing my second load I started thinking how great it started to feel to become clean. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that all the germs and bacteria that once infected my body can go away. It's a wonderful feeling to feel clean again.
This sparked my thinking. It also feels wonderful when we can free ourselves from our sins and become clean in His name. What a great feeling it is to free ourselves from bondage! It really does feel great to feel clean again. The Spirit becomes present in my life, so I've noticed, when I've created a clean atmosphere. Things are less chaotic and much more at peace. This I testify to be true.

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