Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A real friend

I am so silly, so so silly. I bottle all of my pains and sorrows until I snap. I have a few reasons why I do this though I don't think it's best to blog them at this time. Today was one of those days that I snapped. Why? Because I saw an old friend I no long consider a's hard enough knowing we aren't friends but seeing her really put everything into pain. I think both of us did/said somethings to each other that really hurt both of us. She saw me, I know she did but it was as if we never met. That was hard. I tried to avoid venting so I became awkward for the rest of the day. Then I broke down, three times. They were all there for me but the first couple of times I couldn't help feeling like I was loosing more friends. The last friend I vented to I felt I wasn't loosing that friend. He joked around and tried to put me into a better mood but he also listened. That helped! I didn't feel like baggage I felt like a real person. Honestly I really needed that right then. I hope that I didn't bring him down. It is a comfort and a blessing to have friends who are like that. It is a blessing to have friends who won't judge me or stop being my friend because I'm struggling and I can't take stuff anymore. That is what a real friend is like.

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