Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ice and sidewalks

Tonight I went out with some friends. We went sledding, ice skating, and then back to a friend's place where we drank hot chocolate and had a great time. I wanted to get back in time to study for my exam so I left a little early. A good friend of mine (thankfully he came with me) decided to walk me home. I'm okay with guys walking me home especially since I feel safe around them. We were walking along laughing, cracking jokes, and just having a great time. I had this idea (bad idea) to race him. I was joking that I was going faster than he was. The sidewalks were icy and slippery, very slippery. We ice skated down them anyways. At some point I fell. No, I didn't just fall I slammed into the sidewalk. I crashed on my left cheek and for a split second saw a speck of white light. I was conscious but did not want to move. My cheek was in pain and my body was shaking. I wanted to cry but couldn't. My friend kept asking me if I was okay, if I could move, to stand up...stuff like that. It hurt in a shocking way that I just curled up in a ball for a tad. Then I turned over and asked him if my cheek was bleeding. It was. The cheekbone of my face was bleeding. He kept wanting to get me up but I kept not wanting to move. A car came by and some guy offered to give us a lift. Eventually he was able to get me to get up and he helped me get into the car. He was kind enough to pick up what I had dropped as well. I was still shaking the entire time. During the car ride I sparked a conversation with the driver. It was odd and I don't think my responses were all that great but it passed the time. Once he drove me to my house my friend helped me downstairs and into my apartment. He made sure I was okay before leaving and let me know that he was always there if I ever needed help. Then he joked around and told me not to die. Before too long he was gone. I cleaned my wound and sat down still shaking and in pain. I took it easy and didn't study for my exam (the reason I had left early). Of course I went on facebook and people asked if I was okay and such. I was very grateful for friends who looked after me and who are always there should I need them. Honestly I think I was watched over tonight. It could have been a lot worse than what it already was.

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