Monday, January 16, 2012

You are loved

Sometimes I think everyone needs that reminder. I went to the grocery store today. Usually I can manage to get home but today I couldn't. As I was walking home my ears felt colder than usual. I was already so hungry that holding heavy items was practically a stupid idea for me. As I was walking I kept praying for a miracle. I said a silent prayer in my head that someone would come by, pick me up, and take me home. I kept spilling off those prayers in my head. Every car that came by I asked myself if that was my miracle. After walking home halfway home I started just praying that I would have the strength to get home. A car took a right turn after it was safe for me to cross I crossed. I saw the car take a u-turn but I kept walking. The driver rolled down the window and said something incredible; "do you need a ride?" Yes, yes I desperately needed a ride. I turned around said that I did. Once I got in the car two guys who were so kind asked me where I lived. I told them and they took me home. They helped me take my groceries inside my apartment. I am so grateful that the Lord answered my prayers when He did and that they came when they did.


  1. it's your blog? ^^ -from Jung-

  2. Yeah, this is my blog. I post things that have happened in my life from time to time.