Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where has my heart/head led me this time?

I don't know what to think lately. Each path seems to have a dead end. I turn around, wander down another road, and find yet another dead end. I wonder when I will find the road I wish to travel down. I do not envy those who have found their road and are on it right now but I do wish I could also be on my road. I know that I can't turn back from where I once was but that's it. The only lead I have to my future life is that I must progress...progression the wonderfully confusing thing. I've also wondered where my heart has led me and why it has led to dead ends and winding roads only to have to turn around and find a different path. Who knows why this really happens it just does! It's not miserable though; I have plenty of friends, good times, peaceful moments, and laughter to fill my life with happiness and bliss. I'm also getting a good chance to see people for their good qualities. It makes life a wonderful, not complete, but wonderful, joyful experience.

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