Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He Cares

Recently I have mentioned that I wasn't going home for Christmas. My mom became frustrated because she was having a hard time finding a time for me to come home to the point that she thought arguing would bring me home. I did everything to avoid an argument, but came to the conclusion that that wouldn't be possible. Some of the things she said still hurt. We had come too far for me to argue anymore. I don't want that to happen to us again! I began talking to some people to get some ideas on whether or not I should go home to that or stay out here. Either way it is a hard decision for me to make because either way I know that I will come out hurt. I received both sides, yes I should and no I shouldn't. To be honest I'm still not sure what to do, but I really liked something that one of my friend said. He told me to be for the idea one day and against it the next and write down feelings and impressions of both days. I tried to but everytime I did I found myself even more depressed about the situation than I was before. Now don't get me wrong he gave great advice! I trust my friend with my life, but because of the tenderness of the situation it was almost impossible to do. I told him about that and he gave me more great advice. I'm still trying to follow his advice because I do trust him. I'm doing better now, but I am still having a hard time keeping my emotions and hurt feelings out of the way to make the best decision.

I was still having a hard time today. Somehow there is this one guy on campus who is around when I need someone the most. He doesn't mean to be nor does he know that he helps me out a lot, but he does. I met him my first week out here and we became really good friends since. I don't see too much of him on campus, but I know he is around. Anyways I ran into him today as I was on my way home. He was behind me. We didn't have too much to talk about this time because we were both out of it and didn't really have too much to say. It wasn't much but being able to be around one of my friends made me happier. I was so grateful for my Heavenly Father for him crossing my path today.

Not only that but a leaf fell just in front of me...just one. It reminded me of a story a friend told me. I laughed because it reminded me of that and because that friend is practically my twin.

I know that Heavenly Father does care about all of His children. I know that by small and simple means are great things come to pass (see the Book of Mormon). I am so glad for all the people He has placed in my path.

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