Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haunted House

Last night I watched a movie with some friends. Personally I don't like that movie because it reminds me of something that makes me so mad. I had gotten over this a long time ago, but watching that movie made me so mad! I talked to a couple of my roommates about it when we were home. I was still pretty ticked! While I was talking my roommates about it one my roommates told me that I should be a missionary. It was kindof random, but it is a good thought. After a long, long talk with my roommate (one of them ended up going to bed) we finally went to bed. She told me to pray about something. I think I did. I didn't get my answer yet, but the Lord saw fit to tell me something I needed to hear through a dream.

In my dream my roommate Liz and I were inside a haunted house (mind you I don't like scary things especially haunted houses and scary films...I really don't like scary things). I remember that there were a bunch of monsters running around scaring people. I walked around a bit and then realized that I wanted out. I discovered that there was a place on the floor that if you sat down on they wouldn't notice you. I remember someone inside telling me that. I sat down and started reading my scriptures. It chased the darkness away and I was able to find my way out.

To me the interpretation was that the way out of fear and places I finally realize I don't want to be in is to read the scriptures. In the dream there was a place on the floor that if I sat down on I wouldn't be harmed. I think this means that I have to humble myself and bring myself to a point where He can teach me things through the Book of Mormon. Only then can He protect me from those monsters that threaten me in any haunted house. After that I can find my way out by following the light.

I am so glad that my Heavenly Father reminded me of this! I am so glad that a loving Father was so kind enough to tell me something I needed to hear in a kind way. I bear my testimony that He lives and He will draw near unto us if we draw near unto Him.

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