Friday, February 1, 2013

Opening up is difficult!

Have you ever wanted to let people know the real you but couldn't?  That happens to me a lot.  It's so hard letting people know the real me sometimes.  Sometimes I have the hardest time telling people that I'm actually a quiet person or I can do a great dumb blonde impression.  You never know how  people are going to react and you don't want them to react mean about it.  I struggle telling people that I have horrible acne or secretly I actually like school but lately I've disliked it lately because I want to have a social life.  Honestly, I enjoy learning; I get bored with it out here because I want to have that social life I didn't have in high school or didn't think I could have.  There are so many things about myself I hide or wait to let other people know.  And when it comes to things that I like I'm actually pretty versatile; sometimes I really don't have an opinion on that because I go with the flow.  If people like an activity I do it and have fun doing it; I guess I'm really not that picky.  I suppose there are things I don't enjoy as much but overall I just go with the flow (or at least in my mind that's what I do).  I also like being around a variety of people though some people honestly I'd rather just avoid.  As long as I can live my standards I say let the good times roll.

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