Friday, February 22, 2013

Fear not the fear

"Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself."  It's really difficult and scary thinking of the future, especially when you're not sure what'll happen.  College is a trying time for everyone.  Those who survive and are able to find a job after are doing good.  The end result seems wonderful in and of itself but what about the struggle?  School is basically blood, sweat, and tears at times.  Think about it, when you applied didn't you sweat a little?  When you failed or came close to failing a test didn't you cry?  When you were studying didn't you get at least one paper cut?  It's the concept of blood, sweat, and tears and somehow this motivates us human beings to do a little bit better.  What about all the drama that happened?  If you made it through college without any drama I commend you; please tell me how you did it, seriously!  Let's face it, college is rough.
Last semester my dad lost his job which means that I am now financing my entire schooling all by myself.  After talking with my mom I found out that she is now making $8,000 less than a year ago.  My grandparents aren't able to support anyone with my older sister the way she is.  To make matters even more interesting I'm no longer speaking to my dad.  Things keep happening and it's scary what could happen, what is happening in my life.
I suppose when these things happen in life the only things that we have left to hold onto is hope or fear.  Sometimes they are the same; we fear what we hope.  If we fear what we hope are we really hoping?  Shouldn't we just dust off our shoes a bit and work ten times harder than we ever have?  Is there really any room for fear?  "I can see the weight there in your eyes.  I can feel the thorn in your side.  Your knuckles are bruised from a loosing fight.  One way down a dead end street, broken glass underneath your feet.  You think the day won't break the sunless night.  The sun'll rise, the sun'll rise, when you've lost your light, the sun'll rise, it'll be alright...although you can't see it, so hard to believe it, sometimes you need a little faith.  There's an answer to your prayer and I swear that there'll come a day, yeah.  The sun'll rise, the sun'll rise, the sun'll rise (Kelly Clarkson)."  We can't always see this but one day things will make sense.  If you have a goal, no matter if the odds are with you or not, pursue it.  Fear not greatness but rather let greatness be afraid of you.

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