Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The search for happiness

Yes, this title is a bit misleading because honestly we don't have to search for happiness because if we are truly looking we will find happiness in just about anything.  There is always good to anything.  What I mean to go at is the search to find that right person for whoever it may be.  There have been a few times that I've thought that I really loved a person and truth is I didn't.  I just loved the idea of being in love than I was actually in love.  I remember talking with elders and they gave me a scripture that helped me put things into perspective.  The message of the scripture is good things come from God and inspire us to become better.  I think it's the same way with people.  People who inspire you to be your best self and to become better are a gift from God.  This idea made me think about dating and whether to determine who I should date or not date (and yes I do believe it's important to be picky about dating; really, do you want to tell your kids "well I just dated this random guy here and yeah" NO, YOU DON'T!)  Is this person a real friend?  Is this person honest?  Will this person inspire you to become a better person?  Those are better feelings to have than just well he/she was a body and yeah.  Honestly the media just portrays love as making out or holding hands.  Yes, they're good things but honestly real love comes from being respected.  Real love comes from never having to worry that the other person will do the right thing.  Real love comes from friendship because once the romance fades what will you have to fall back on?

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