Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Judge not!

We never know the situations people are going through.  Today I ran into an old classmate from my second semester here at BYU Idaho.  He gestured for me to give him a hug (which I thought was a little strange considering he was married but brushed it to the side because he's an old friend).  We started talking and I asked him how about the wedding and how he's been doing.  Turns out he had been married for 5 months before his wife passed away.  One morning he woke up and she had a brain problem.  He took her to the hospital and needless to say she passed away.  He had spent a while with family which helped him during this difficult time.  It was a good thing that he was handling it and it was good seeing an old friend out and about. We don't know the situations of others and we should lend a helping hand whenever possible, even if all we can do is give a hug or chat with them from time to time.  That's my Wednesday thought.

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