Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bad example, good story

Okay normally I don't do this sort of thing but considering the situation I did anyways.  I went to visit my old roommate this semester.  As I did some guys offered me a ride and I took it.  While we were in the car they mentioned how they were going to do a 180 with the car (which is dangerous, especially when the road is iced over).  I told them repeatedly not to and they reassured me that they wouldn't when I was in the car.  Well they did it anyways (so rude and nerve wrecking).  One guy wanted my number (no, what are you crazy?).  Well, I got to my friend's house safe (thankfully) but I'm not getting in a stranger's car ever again.  So the moral of the story, don't get into stranger's cars and don't follow my example and still do that.
On other news I want to thank the Koreans for promoting my blog.  I must say it's rather weird that some random people are following me but I appreciate that you guys like my blog.  I'm not sure what else to say so until my next post I guess this has been my post.

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