Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Single and loving it

This Valentine's day I'll probably be single again.  I'm really excited and looking forward to it.  It's a chance for me to look at the things that I already love and admire not the things I wish I had.  Love is so much more than heart shaped candies and cards that are sappy it's about caring for the people and things that are around you.  That's what love really is about.  So in all honesty these companies that are trying to monopolize on this upcoming holiday are really lying about the true meaning of the holiday.  You don't really have to buy people anything to find ways to let them know they are loved and you don't actually have to be in a relationship to love somebody.  So as usual my little sister is my valentiny.  I never get her anything for this holiday; all I do is let her know how much she means to me by telling her and that always suffices!  Have a Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

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