Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fairy tale thoughts

The other day I was watching princess movies and movies about heroes just to waste time until I can go home. I had a thought while I was watching these films. Life is the fairy tale. Our doubts and fears are our evil step sisters/mothers. Our fairy godmothers are our friends who help us along the way. The prince represents our dreams and aspirations. Suddenly our Cinderella dream is different and what is desirable are friends and the courage to chase after our dreams. I put it on facebook and honestly the comments surprised me. One friend jokingly said, "And then the evil queen comes, puts a curse on all of us, and takes away all of our happy endings." He was making reference to a t.v. show Once Upon a Time. I commented, there is one who can save us all...hence, life is the fairy tale. His reply, "And then Snow White's daughter showed us, destroys the curse, kills the evil queen/mayor, and saves us all." To which I responded by, then its back to reality...
Point is there are so many things that can be seen from a different angle. We can apply gospel truths to so many things, even fairy tales. It's amazing!

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