Friday, December 30, 2011

Coming home for the break

Coming home for the break has been overwhelming. Lots of stuff happened though it's probably best I didn't blog them. It has made me think a lot though. The question that is presented is what is truly important? What can I do to improve these circumstances? It has also made me think that I should be happy for what I have regardless of how much or how little I really have but the fact that I have something. It also made me think that I shouldn't be sad that those things are gone but rejoice that I once had them. Enjoy the moments that today provides for tomorrow they may or may not be there. Take advantage of the glorious opportunities that are provided right now. Prepare for tomorrow for tomorrow the rain comes and winds that can blow the roof off the unprepared. Forgive the unforgivable for they have lives themselves. Don't worry about tomorrow just take what comes and work with what you've got. Whatever happens remember who you are, a son/daughter of God, and act accordingly. What others say about me ultimately is not important at all. The only person whose opinion and judgments really matter is Christ. Take time to breathe and relax. Life has and is teaching me these simple things.

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