Monday, December 5, 2011

Does it really matter?

I've thought about all the people in my life who have told me that I can't and I'm not good enough. I found this song and when I hear it to me it says does it really matter what they say? What really matters is how you view yourself and how God views you too. "Wouldn't want to be anybody else. You made me insecure, told me I wasn't good enough. But who are you to judge when you're a diamond in the rough. I'm sure you've got some things you'd like to change about yourself but when it comes to me I wouldn't want to be anybody else. I'm not beauty queen I'm just beautiful me. You got every right to a beautiful life come one. Who says? Who says your not perfect? Who says you're not worth it? Who says you're the only one who's heard it? Trust me that's the price of beauty who says you're not pretty? Who says you're not beautiful? Who says?"
I've also found it's better to forgive those who have said those things and to try to see their side. It's so much easier and life seems to go by better.

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