Thursday, September 16, 2010


Since I've been out here I have done some really stupid things! I became behind in my school work, said a lot of things that should have stayed in my thoughts, and I have not been faithfully reading my scriptures. I always read a verse a day, but it's not enough. Fun things have just been getting in the way of everything I need to accomplish. This is all very new to me! I haven't found that balance just yet. Not only that but things have been happening back home as well. I won't go into details, but its really causing changes back home. Adjusting into the college life has been really hard! So I am not exactly being the best example of what a college student should be because I am so distracted. However its been really good for me in a way. Its been the one of the greatest feelings I can think of to be around people that want to be around me! I was able to make friends out here easier than usual. I still miss many of my old friends who I have either lost contact with, they went on a mission (I don't want to make that sound like its bad or anything because I would be disappointed if they didn't makes me happy that they are gone serving Christ by serving His people), I was repeatedly stupid causing that friendship to end, because I had to leave for college, and because they found someone else to befriend (didn't do anything in those times, they just ditched me to put it lightly).
I have made so many mistakes while I have been out here. However there is still a voice of reasoning calling back to me inviting me to come unto Christ. It reminds me that He is still there, He understands, and He can heal me from whatever it may be. He reminds me that He will still be there for me every step of the way (meaning He will serve me) and that I should do the same for others. Even though my mistakes aren't even close to serious they are still mistakes. I wonder if I will ever get it right or change all the stupid things I do and say. Then that familiar feeling comes reminding me to come unto Christ. Right now I believe that the most important thing I can do right now is to come unto Him.
I am very grateful for all the things the Lord has blessed me with at this time! I am glad for this chance that I have that the Lord has given me.

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