Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things are changing

I never know just what to expect in life anymore because right when I think I have everything figured out things change. My mom and I have become really close. Its been a really slow process, but I think that we're finally okay. I hate that I have to leave for college when things are going this great with my mom, but I know that by staying home I can't achieve whatever the Lord has planned for me. Somehow I was able to find a 2 1/2 week job. I'm still surprised that I even got the job considering I had zero work experience and I was a little stuffed up when I applied for the job. I got to see many old faces that I hadn't seen in forever! It felt great to talk to them and see how they were doing. Speaking of seeing many old faces, I wonder what's going to happen once I'm at college and I see more old faces. Well I guess I'll find out next week.

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