Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stress Begone: Real Ideas That Kill Stress!

Life brought you down? It happens to the best of us at some point or another. These tips are designed to reduce stress and build confidence again.

1) Remove yourself from facebook. It is so easy to waste time on that website. Taking yourself off of it you'll find that there is so much time to accomplish the day's tasks.

2) Clean/organize something in your house. Little do we realize that seeing messes actually creates internal tension. Cleaning becomes loads of fun with Disney songs.

3) Take a walk by yourself. Just walk somewhere slowly and observe nature. Think about all the things the Savior has blessed you with.

4) Stop being so self-absorbed! Being caught into yourself is self-deception #1. It may feel like it's grand at the time but give it a little bit and you'll realize just how miserable and lonely it really is. So serve, serve, serve. Listen to someone, hold the door for a stranger, bake cookies, help someone with their homework, stop by and visit someone at random, randomly give a note to someone/anyone; whatever you do just give yourself away through service. Become service oriented and it blesses lives (including yours).

5) SMILE! The scriptures even state to do so. "Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal."

6) Exercise. Sitting around and doing nothing makes one miserable. We are like cars built with so much potential. When we sit and have the car running we are wasting our potential for no gain. It's a silly concept really!

7) Express your gratitude for the things you already have.

Hope these tips help! Enjoy getting rid of your stress, I know I did :D

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