Friday, February 3, 2012

Swinging doors

They say when one door closes another one opens. Still wondering how in the world I can go from crying over a guy to having two dates in one day practically over night. Last semester I fell for someone who I thought was absolutely perfect...he's not. We went on a few dates. How did that end? With a sorry but we should just be friends. AH! I could have absolutely died! I was crushed! Someone may as well have pushed me off the side of a mountain! So what did genius Keri do then? She decided that she wasn't going to take this anymore and started going for someone who just wasn't worth even a penny. Thankfully I have friends who looked after me during that time and somehow pulled me away from that. Remember that guy who I thought was just perfect? Let's just call him ab. So ab somehow found his way back in my life again. He invited me to go and hang out one night this semester. Hope shot through every inch of my body. Instantly I was thrilled and said yes. His sister was getting together a huge group to play volleyball. We were going to meet up at some lounge and all travel down and play some volleyball. I was the first there so I waited for everyone else. One of my friends actually came (I had no idea that she knew them). Next his sister and brother came. Not realizing that they were related I said something stupid. Ouch! No points for Keri! I did my best to not let that ruin things for after all I was about to see ab again. The night went on and then it hit me...I was the only person dressed up in sweats. A trigger went off in my head; why was I the only person dressed up to work out? I looked so stupid! Not only that but I had already made a fool out of myself by saying something ridiculous in front of his family. More or less I did my best to make the evening enjoyable but the second it was over I left. I ran home. After I got home I checked my phone and he had tried to call/text me that plans had changed. I was relieved that he had tried to tell me plans had changed but the fact that that still happened was awful! For a month I thought that he had changed his mind, I thought that he started thinking that he might want to date me. I fell for that trap yet again. He didn't. I can't help but feel like my emotions were tossed in the air like a child playing with a bouncy ball. How did I find this out? I had a friend somewhere upstairs from where he lives who asked ab if he had taken interest in any girls right now. He didn't. I can't believe I was that stupid! Thankfully my roommate was patient and talked with me for an hour and a half. She gave me hope again that I had lost.
The very next day she started talking with her brother. Somehow I wound up with two dates in one day: one to make sure my roommate and some guy get together while the other I am being set up on a blind date. Not only that but it also almost seems like guys now are falling left and right, head over heels just to get a date with me...ME! Wow, I never would have seen that coming!

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