Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zero to hero

When I was young I was diagnosed with ADD. A two year old had a better attention span than I did. My grades slowly dropped. 6th and 7th grade I had to go to summer school because I failed a class or two. My only motive for even passing summer school was for my friends. Finally eight grade came around and I gave up. I failed every single class except for band and art class. I only passed band because I have a musical ear and could pick up on tunes easily. I didn't practice much, if any, yet I was able to go to honors band and some other honors band. I actually received 3 band medals based on my musical ear when you look at the fact that I didn't practice. I only passed art because it was based effort not perfection (fyi I am not very artistic). After failing 8th grade (even summer school couldn't help me pass onto 9th grade) my mom pulled me out of public school and placed me into private school. That year I made straight A's. I received the David and Golith award for defeating my Golith in life (my older sister received that same award that same year...we were the only ones to receive this honor).

9th grade came and I first place in a poetry contest. I think I won a couple of other academic awards that same year. In 10th grade I only received honor roll if I remember correctly, but its a step up from failing. 11th grade came around where I became a member of the youth council advisory committee and almost went to leadership summitt, but wouldn't attend because it fell on a sunday. Last summer I participated in efy and hill cumorah pageant where I had numerous chances to bear my testimony. I did everytime and each time I did someone always came up to me and told me about my strong testimony and how thankful they were for it. I remember at efy some guy I hadn't talked to, but had been in my company, told me that he was going on a mission and another guy told me to not loose that strong testimony three times I think. At pageant someone came up to me and told me that she took notes on my testimony (which I thought was weird, but cool at the same time). My 12th grade year I became the senior class president, received 2 scholarships, a leadership trophey, a track plaque, and I almost graduated with cum laude (I was off by a point or two, but its okay). Not only that but I was also accepted into a nice university. I wish you could have seen the look on my doctor's face when I told him that. He was so suprised because, in my opinion, he thought I wasn't going to amount up to much. I am happy to tell you that I graduated high school last friday.

Often times people look down on the very people they will eventually look up to. Don't give up on any righteous dream because one small mind tells you to quit. There are so many success stories of people laughing and mocking at someone because their weaknesses, yet they overcame it all. "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."- A Cinderella Story

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