Monday, October 3, 2011


I was at FHE tonight. It was a lot of fun! I met some awesome people and had loads of great times! We started to talk about families and strengthening our lives. I enjoyed the lesson a lot! I made a few comments myself. There came a point when I felt inadequate and lost like I did in high school. All those old feelings started to come back. I suppose it happens that people lose confidence in themselves when thinking about terrible times. Thinking about it I wonder why a daughter of God (me) would allow herself to think this way? I'm not the same person anymore and I've confronted so many things that have held me back. I understand that I am not perfect. I think Satan is aware that I have accomplished so much and is trying very hard to stop me in my tracks. Yes, it is very important for someone to have self-confidence. I'm not letting it stop me from accomplishing what I want to achieve in this life and certainly not the next. So yeah, from time to time I won't feel the best about myself, it happens, but I won't let it stop me! I know who I am and I know where I've come from. I am a daughter of God. He has a plan for me as He does for you. I have faith that through Him anything is possible, I just have to believe that it is ;)

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