Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Heights

At some point in our lives we must climb new heights and seek new perspectives.  If we consistently think the same things we will in essence continue to stand where we are currently standing.  Climbing a mountain requires moving or changing location consistently in order to reach the top.  Life is a constant climb to reach the top.  
Today I was reminded of that.  I wanted to get to the top of my mountain while standing still.  Sitting on a park bench in the middle of a hike comes with many dangers.  Choosing to not move comes with a price. Sometimes the rain comes down and soaks the valley, why sit in that?  Maybe the rain brings lightening, why risk a life?  And every evening it grows dark, what dangers could arise by sitting in the same place?  And seasons change.  Winter comes around every year and in some places that means snow, was it worth loosing a toe?  And for what?  What prize does one get sitting and waiting for something?  The only prize that is gained is not gaining anything at all.  Sunrises are prettier at the top than at the bottom or somewhere in between.  It is easier to see the whole picture at the top than at the bottom or somewhere in between.  
There is so much to become, to see, to taste, to feel, to do than remaining the same.  How many of us really want to keep our teenager thoughts?  Or do we want to develop our minds into something better?  
Sometimes along the journey our backpacks are too heavy and we must let go of some burdens.  What burdens are you willing to let go of to make the journey to the top?  Are holding rocks in a backpack necessary?  Life will throw all kinds challenges along the way, are we ready for when they come?  Are we trying to become ready?
I'm grateful for the Savior and for His guidance in all things.  I realize that His plans are better than mine.  I think He knows that I want to reach the top but that I need to be the one to make the trip.  

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